Eull's Manhole Shield

A superior system for final manhole adjustments

Eull’s Manhole Shield is a turnkey system for final manhole adjustments that combines all structural elements in one package for an incomparable fit and finish. The system is designed to remove the guesswork from the manhole adjustment process. 

The system includes concrete grade rings, underground mortar, masonry shim strips and an impermeable I&I barrier. Each component functions as part of a cohesive unit, which simplifies installation, minimizes maintenance, and ensures long-term durability, reliability and safety.

Preferred Components

  • Eull’s Concrete Manhole Grade Rings have been the industry’s “gold standard” in concrete adjustment rings for more than 60 years. The rings are available in multiple diameters and thicknesses, allowing for precision leveling and quick installation. Manufactured using the latest technology and under tight quality control standards, the rings have the strength and durability to stand up to the harshest weather.
  • Strike Products I&I Barrier forms a quick-to-install interior wall to stop moisture from infiltrating the manhole. Its weather- and puncture-resistant design keeps groundwater, mortar and soil out of the manhole, reducing the amount of sediment-filled runoff water municipalities have to treat. The barrier also protects adjusted structures from hydrogen sulfide exposure.
  • TCC Materials Underground Utility Mortar is the equivalent of quality control in a bag – a pre-packaged, air-entrained mortar designed for underground construction. The mortar achieves consistent, predictable performance when mixed with clean water. Formulated for a superior bond, the mortar resists salts and sulfides, and meets or exceeds ASTM C270. Download Specifications:

    Specifications-Underground-Utility-Mortar Specifications-Underground-Utility-Mortar (94 KB)

  • High-Impact Plastic Shims ensure proper slope and fit in every Eull’s Manhole Shield installation, regardless of roadway contours. The shims, which won’t rust or rot, achieve consistent performance because they resist alkalis, chemicals, liquids and microorganism growth.
Download Specifications:

Specifications-Eulls-Manhole-Shield Specifications-Eulls-Manhole-Shield (423 KB)